norrelrich (norrelrich) wrote in stanton_76950,

I Choose to Live!

Can you imagine dying from such excruciating pain where your organs rapture and all your bones break from landing in water at 75mph in 3.5 seconds coming from 197 foot? That’s what has happened 127 times at the Skyway since it opened in April 1987, the St. Petersburg Times article reported in 2003. I don’t understand why someone would want to die in such a painful way. Most people say that suicide is a way of being at peace and an escape from pain then why get that escape by committing suicide in one of the most painful ways imaginable? The TBT reported that most people who survived jumping from the Skyway Bridge stated that they regretted jumping right before hitting the water. I’m sure they did, as I’m sure I would if I was driving drunk and I got pulled over, I would regret drinking right as the sirens went on. So that’s why I don’t do it. And I don’t mean to be insensitive to someone else’s pain or troubles but my concern is what could be so bad to not only think but go through an attempt to end your own life and why in such a terrible way? This is not just suicide, it is torture. Take Gina Rae as an example, who was the last person to attempt suicide on the Skyway and guess what? She survived! WOW! Now, according to the TBT, she suffers from back pain and face lacerations. So now my question is, is there going to be another attempt or will she be thankful for another chance at life and thank God for saving her?!

Feel free to share your opinions.


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